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About School

A journey of self discovery and self realization

Where believe young children learn best in a happy, relaxed atmosphere. We provide a loving, encouraging environment which will foster learning experiences from group participation to individual creativity to the development of new skills, while guiding the child to obtain greater independence, social competence and self- fulfillment. Our goal is to provide your child with the tools necessary to begin their formal education without any type of pressure.

Why Morning Glory

Looking for a place where your child can learn and grow at their own pace? A place filled with adventure and where crafts fuel creativity? Do you seek an environment where your little one is safe to explore and discover with all modern amenities and facilities like National level branded schools but in much less expense / low cost?

Then look no further

Come and be a family member of the ‘Morning Glory at SS Nagar Road, Rishra. A place where we nurture the curiosity of each child so they will grow in knowledge and in confidence of their capabilities under the guidance of expert facilitators.

Our Motto

To learn the kids with their self style and activities, not with any type of pressurisation. Morning Glory  impart update world class kids care learning place where kids growing actively.

We offer much more physical and mental amenities and facilities like National level branded kids school but in much less expense / low cost?

Principal Greetings
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